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Will Creditors Show Up For My Hearing In Bankruptcy Court?

Will Creditors Show Up For My Hearing In Bankruptcy Court?Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Whether you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13, you will have a brief hearing at the bankruptcy court which is called the meeting of creditors.
Also known as the section 341 hearing, this is when the court-appointed trustee will examine you and ask you questions about your case.  Even though it is called the meeting of creditors and even though your creditors will receive notice of the meeting, it is highly unlikely that they will show up.
For the most part, credit card companies and creditors who are owed medical debt will not attend, but some creditors are much more likely to appear: a local individual creditor who may have given a personal loan to the debtor, a separated or divorced spouse who is owed maintenance and support, or a business creditor whose account the debtor personally guaranteed. 
These types of creditors may show up on their own, or with counsel who is not familiar with bankruptcy procedure, or with very experienced bankruptcy counsel. Sometimes a local creditor will attend because they are unsophisticated and under the mistaken notion that they are required to appear. 
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