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All New York Bankruptcy Attorneys File Bankruptcy Petitions Electronically

All New York Bankruptcy Attorneys File Bankruptcy Petitions ElectronicallyWritten by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Since 2003, the Central Islip Bankruptcy Court has required all Long Island bankruptcy attorneys to file their clients’ bankruptcy petitions electronically — that means by computer over the internet.
Known as Electronic Case Filing, or E.C.F., this has made the filing process extremely efficient.  After my client signs his or her bankruptcy petition, one of my paralegals makes an electronic file copy of it (called a PDF copy) which we then send to the bankruptcy court’s computer right from our desk.
Not all attorneys are permitted to file electronically.  Attorneys must register with the bankruptcy court and take a seminar that the court offers before being allowed to use this filing system.
With electronic case filing, in an emergency, a bankruptcy petition can be filed in minutes without leaving the office.
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