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The Snowman Ate My Credit Cards


The snowman ate my credit cards [1]

The snowman ate my credit cards

Written By Craig D. Robins, Esq.

Besieged by a foot and a half of snow that ended early this morning, and unable to leave my driveway to go to work, I awaited the plow by building a snowman with my wife and son.
Alas, the snowman ate my credit cards.
Kudos to my associate, Jason S. Leibowitz, who made it in to the Central Islip Bankruptcy Court this morning for five confirmation hearings before Judge Alan Trust, who rescheduled his calendar to begin an hour later because of the snow.
So what does a snowbound bankruptcy attorney who likes to take pictures do?  Here’s your answer — more fine art credit card snow photography:
credit-cards-in-the-snow-on-the-pine-tree1 [2]




credit-cards-in-a-mound-of-snow [3]

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