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Bankruptcy Song: “Debt-Free Girl”

Posted on Wednesday (December 16, 2009) at 12:15 pm to Bankruptcy Humour
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Long Island bankruptcy attorney Craig D. Robins enters Bankruptcy Song Contest wtih Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Yours Truly Enters the National Bankruptcy Song Contest
Well the deadline for the Bankruptcy Bill Bankruptcy Song Contest has arrived and nine songs are competing for awards and recognition — including my song, “Debt-Free Girl,” and two other surprises.
The first surprise is that my wife, Arlene, submitted a song.  Since she is especially witty (she writes song parodies for my birthday almost every year, and also for lots of her friends), I challenged her to submit something.  So she surprised me by submitting “Bankruptcy Wife’s Lament” which is about a bankruptcy attorney who neglects his wife and son because he is so busy.  That apparently is me.
The second surprise is that our very own Central Islip Bankruptcy Court Judge, Alan S. Trust, also submitted an entry, “Debts in Wrong Places.”  Hailing from Texas for the past 24 years, it was no wonder that Judge Trust submitted a country music song based on Garth Brook’s “Friends in Low Places.”  His song pokes fun at the ridiculous aspects of the bankruptcy means test.
There are other songs from other bankruptcy attorneys and a bankruptcy judge in California, Sheri Bluebond.
My song, “Debt-Free Girl” is based on Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and is about a girl who becomes debt-free through bankruptcy, thanks to her bankruptcy man.
A Shameless Request for Votes – Please Vote for My Bankruptcy Song
The winner of the bankruptcy song is the one with the most votes.  To vote, you must send an e-mail to Bill@BankruptcyBill.us.  You can include your choice for first, second and third place.


(To the tune of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl“)

Oh wo oh oh oh oh oh oh. . . . .
Debt-free girl
She’s now living in a whole new world
No more bills or late-night collection calls
It is because – she finally got the balls

To become – a real debt-free girl
No more living in a creditor world
As long as anyone with bad debts can
Make an appointment with the bankruptcy man
That’s what I am

And when she learns that
She won’t have to pay
And then she can wake up
Stress free – there’s a stay

She’ll see it’s not so tough
Just because
I’ve made her into a debt-free girl
Filed her petition; no more creditor world
She got tired of the collection calls
Perhaps she overspent at stores and malls
She’s got a choice

Oh wo oh oh oh oh oh oh. . . . .
Debt-free girl
She filed a seven; now it’s her turn
She kept her assets – they were all exempt
Trustee overlooked the money she spent
It’s what she dreamt

She passed the means test
It’s really no big deal
Her lawyer knew best
Assisted with credit counseling

It’s really not so tough
To discharge
Lots of bills
Of a debt-filled girl
She’s been living in a bill-collecting world
As long as anyone with big debt can
And now she’s looking for a bankruptcy man
That’s what I am
[Oh wo oh oh oh oh oh oh. . . . .]

Debt-free girl
She’s my debt-free girl
You know I love to see
A real debt-free girl

My debt-free girl
Did you know I love to see
A real debt-free girl

My debt-free girl
Did you know I love to see
A real debt-free girl




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