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Let Bankruptcy Be Your Superhero !

Posted on Monday (September 14, 2009) at 6:00 pm to Benefits of Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Man can conquer the evil creditors and get you a fresh new financial start !!!Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
When you’re down in the dumps and being attacked by the enemy with seemingly no way out, you need a superhero to come to your rescue.  Think of bankruptcy as that superhero — a fictional character with extraordinary powers and abilities dedicated to doing acts of public good.
You know the picture:  You’re in over your head and drowning in credit card debt.  The banks not only seem to be indifferent, but sneer at you and call you incessantly, even though you’ve got no financial ability to make payments.  They threaten to sue you and may have even done so already.  Your bank account is about to be frozen and your wages garnished.  WHAT CAN YOU DO?
Simple.  CALL BANKRUPTCY MAN !.  Sure, there is no Bankruptcy Man superhero, but I have to tell you that hundreds of my Long Island bankruptcy clients over the years have probably thought so of me.
An experienced bankruptcy attorney can quickly analyze a case (faster than a speeding bullet?)
Then he can file the bankruptcy petition with the bankruptcy court electronically, right from his desk (able to leap tall buildings with a single bound?)
And by filing the petition he can obtain an immediate and very powerful stay against the evil creditors (more powerful than a speeding locomotive?)
Finally, he seeks to have the bankruptcy court issue an order of discharge, forever eliminating credit card debts (fighting for truth, justice and the American way?)
Seriously, bankruptcy is a very powerful federal law that can protect a consumer who files bankruptcy in good faith and give that consumer the opportunity for a fresh new financial start by eliminating credit card debt.
For another bankruptcy superhero, see the comic strips about BAPCPA Man.  I just spoke with its creator, my friend, Steven Horowitz, and I will be posting one of his latest strips tomorrow.
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