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Are You Considering Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy enables Long Island consumers to get a fresh new financial start.

A Little Advice for Long Island Consumers Thinking of Wiping Out Debts with Bankruptcy


Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.

 Many Long Island consumers are able to eliminate debts and get a fresh new financial start with bankruptcy. If you are thinking about filing, here are some important points.


 Do not wait too long

The purpose of bankruptcy is to help individuals and families protect their remaining assets in the face of overwhelming financial problems. If you think you may need bankruptcy protection, try to do so before you lose those precious assets.

 For example, I see too many consumers invade their pensions and individual retirement accounts before filing. However, if they sought our bankruptcy advice before doing so, they would have learned that these types of assets are totally protected in a New York bankruptcy proceeding.

Also, the sooner you file, the sooner you get debt relief. Once a bankruptcy petition is filed, it becomes against federal law for creditors to harass you any further.

Save a little money to file bankruptcy

Unfortunately for consumers, the 2005 Bankruptcy Amendment Act made the bankruptcy process much more complicated and consequently more expensive. In addition to the attorney’s fee, there is a court filing fee of $299, and costs for mandatory credit counseling of about $50 before filing.

Then, once your bankruptcy case is filed, you will no longer be responsible to your creditors and you will be in a position to start saving again.

Do not try to go it alone

The new bankruptcy laws are extremely complex and complicated. The prudent choice for the consumer is to retain an experienced Long Island bankruptcy lawyer. At my bankruptcy law firm, we provide a free, confidential bankruptcy consultation and explain how bankruptcy works.

Many consumers who try to file bankruptcy without an attorney are unsuccessful, and their cases get dismissed without a discharge. At every Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors at the Central Islip Bankruptcy Court, I hear my colleague, Long Island Chapter 13 trustee Michael Macco, make an announcement that in his 26 years as a trustee, he has never seen a Chapter 13 debtor successfully get a case confirmed by the bankruptcy court.

Know your options about handling debt

If you are overwhelmed by debt, or think that you may be in the future, learn what your rights and options are now. In addition to three different chapters of bankruptcy, there is also debt negotiation, debt consolidation, credit counseling, and foreclosure defense.

An knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can guide you towards the best choice. Many of these options are discussed on my website, www.BankruptcyCanHelp.com [1]

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