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Beware of Faulty Bankruptcy Information on the Internet

Posted on Monday (August 24, 2009) at 2:30 am to Info on Bankruptcy and the Court

Beware of the quality of bankruptcy information on the internetWritten by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
As someone who spends a great deal of time writing bankruptcy articles, it is quite upsetting to see so much incorrect and erroneous information about New York bankruptcy law on the Internet.  Consumers need to be aware of this.
I frequently do Internet searches on various bankruptcy topics and I am constantly amazed and disappointed at the extremely poor quality of the information on some websites. 
There are three main reasons why some online bankruptcy information is bad
1.    Various websites are designed for the sole purpose of persuading those who land on their site to “click through” to another sight that advertises on their site.  These “click through” sites often manipulate search engines to appear at the top part of a search.  In addition, they are run by out-of-state companies who basically make similar websites for each state.
2.    Some websites appear to contain data about New York bankruptcy law, but these sites are really owned by out-of-state companies and are designed to steer consumers into providing information about themselves that will be used for “sales leads.”  These companies then sell this information to others and promise that a local bankruptcy attorney will contact them.  Notice how these sites never give any information about the local bankruptcy attorney.
3.    Many websites actually belonging to local New York bankruptcy attorneys have content on them that the attorneys, themselves, do not write.  The bankruptcy articles and material is actually written by someone else in a distant part of the country.  The New York bankruptcy attorneys who engage in this conduct merely purchase content written by others, and place it on there site, as if they wrote it themselves.
I observed some bad bankruptcy information online today
In the above situations, there are sometimes egregious errors and misstatements.  They are not written by a New York bankruptcy lawyer, and the authors do not necessarily have your best interests in mind.
For example, earlier today I observed a site that indicated that consumers filing bankruptcy in New York can use both the federal exemptions and the state exemptions.  This is absolutely not true (you can only use New York State exemptions).  I then found another site that provided downright incorrect exemptions for New York bankruptcy cases.
I am proud to say that all of the posts, articles and information on my blog is written by me (or in some cases, by other attorneys in my office or student interns).  All information is well-researched and contains a by-line by the author. 
After practicing 25 years, most of which I devoted to bankruptcy law, you can rest assured that the information contained in my blog is current, accurate, and hopefully helpful.
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