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Do You Have to be Broke to File Bankruptcy?

Posted on Friday (January 8, 2010) at 11:45 pm to Bankruptcy Means Test
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy on Long IslandWritten by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Some clients ask if they have to be poor, penniless or destitute to file for bankruptcy.  The answer is no.
Most of our Long Island bankruptcy clients actually have steady jobs and earn significant salaries.  You do not have to be in the “poor house” to eliminate debts and get bankruptcy relief.
A good majority of our clients are working and earning typical salaries that employees on Long Island tend to earn.  We started getting so many clients earning more than $100,000 per year that several months ago I wrote a blog post:  If I Make Over $100,000 a Year, Can I Eliminate Credit Cards Debts in Bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy relief is available to anyone who is over-burdened by their debts and has difficulty paying them.
Although many of our clients have regular, steady jobs and are earning healthy salaries. they share key one point in common:  dealing with their debts has become overwhelming.  For many middle-class Long Island consumers, bankruptcy is the only realistic way out of a bad debt situation.  See my post:  Middle-Class Being Driven Into Bankruptcy by Recession According to Report .
When we meet with a client, we look at salaries and income to analyze them for determining eligibility under the means test .   Seven out of eight people who we meet with qualify for eliminating all of their debts with Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Those who do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can still seek relief under Chapter 13.
In these difficult financial times, many people are out of work.  But, many others continue working, only to pay a great portion of their take-home income to pay their credit card debts.   Whether you are working or unemployed, bankruptcy is an option for managing debt and getting a fresh new financial start.
The first step in tackling serious debt problems is meeting with a Long Island bankruptcy attorney.
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