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Do You Have to be Broke to File for Bankruptcy?

You don't have to be broke to file for bankruptcy on Long Island [1]Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Some consumers think that bankruptcy relief is only available to those who are truly destitute, broke and penniless, or out of work and without a job.  However, that certainly not the case.
Most of our clients are actually working regular jobs and some are actually earning significant salaries, sometimes well over $100,00 per year.  I’ve recently posted several articles about consumers with large incomes seeking bankruptcy relief.  For example, If I Make Over $100,000 a Year, Can I Eliminate Credit Cards Debts in Bankruptcy? [2]
However, we also help many individuals who may be out of work — victims of these difficult financial times — who are just getting by on their savings or financial assistance from friends and relatives.
Even those who have pretty decent jobs can still get into substantial credit card debt just trying to pay their day-to-day living expenses to make ends meet.
When we help people eliminate credit card debts and other financial obligations, we don’t focus on their salaries.  What we focus on is whether they qualify for bankruptcy relief.
The bottom line is that whether you’re “in the poor house,” or earning a substantial salary, if you are overwhelmed with credit card debt, there is likely a bankruptcy proceeding available to you that may enable you to totally eliminate credit card debt.  Many consumers file Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Long Island [3]and are able to eliminate all debts and get a fresh new financial start.
Meeting with a qualified and experienced Long Island bankruptcy attorney [4] is the first step to getting debt relief.
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