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Craig Robins Mentioned in New York Times Cover Story About Sloppy Foreclosure Lawyers Who Represent Lenders

Today's NY Times Cover.  The story is the first article on the upper left. [1]

Today's NY Times Cover. The story is the first article on the upper left.

One of the biggest news stories of the past three months has centered around the flood of foreclosure cases which have exposed the shoddy practices of foreclosing lenders and the attorneys who represent them.

Today, in a New York Times front-page story, “Judges Berate Bank Lawyers in Foreclosures [2],” reporter James Schwartz wrote about how judges are looking ever more critically at home foreclosures, especially here in New York. 
This is an issue that I’ve covered repeatedly in my blog over the past year.  For example, see: Judge Cancels Mortgage Due to Mortgagee’s Shocking Behavior in Long Island Foreclosure Action  [3]  and my post Has Steven J. Baum, P.C. Served You with Foreclosure Papers? [4]
Also, in today’s New York Times article, it was reported how judges have accused lenders’ attorneys of processing shoddy or even fabricated paperwork in foreclosure actions.
Here in New York, the mortgage litigation mess grew so severe that our Chief Judge adopted new court rules requiring attorneys to verify the information in foreclosure cases, which I addressed in New Forelosure Law in New York Requires Attorneys to Verify Foreclosure Papers [5].
The article mentioned one of my foreclosure defense clients, Sunny D. Eng, who we successfully defended in a Suffolk County Supreme Court foreclosure case brought by Wells Fargo.  In that case, which I will discuss in greater detail in a follow-up post, we were able to persuade the court to dismiss the entire foreclosure action.
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