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The Emotional Side of Debt and Bankruptcy

Posted on Sunday (June 14, 2009) at 10:15 am to Consumer Advice
Life After Bankruptcy

The Emotional Side of Debt and  Bankruptcy.  A good bankruptcy attorney must wear two hats – legal counselor and psychological counselor.Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq. and Dean Weber, Esq.
A good bankruptcy attorney must wear two hats – legal counselor and psychological counselor
When a person considers filing for bankruptcy, he or she often feels a lot of emotions — especially feelings regarding their financial situation.
Sometimes, one feels a certain sense of dread, or a feeling that he or she is a “failure”, or “worthless.”  These are very common thoughts and feelings to have for someone who is overwhelmed with debt.
In meeting with our various Long Island bankruptcy clients, we often observe that a person’s self-worth is intertwined with his or her finances.   As such, we’ve learned that a bankruptcy attorney has several roles, one being  to help clients accept that bankruptcy will provide a fresh new start – not just financially, but emotionally as well.
Losing a job, having difficulties in a relationship, suffering from illness, and just trying to deal with overwhelming debt, are all factors that can take a sizable psychological toll.  There’s no doubt that many bankruptcy clients are stressed out at the time they seek bankruptcy help.
That’s why bankruptcy attorneys should also help clients learn from the bankruptcy experience so that they can let go any negative emotions of blame and bitterness, and instead focus on the positive aspects of getting their finances under control and getting a fresh new start.
A good bankruptcy lawyer, such as those in our firm, will help the client come to terms with these emotional issues and smoothly guide them through the bankruptcy process. 
Those with debt problems should select a bankruptcy attorney that he or she feels comfortable with – from both a legal and an emotional standpoint.  Someone under serious mental strain from major financial problems requires experienced legal counsel – not just with legal issues, but with life experiences as well.
Note:  Dean Weber, Esq. is a bankruptcy lawyer with our firm
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