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Homeowner Disqualified from HAMP Despite Making Payments and Being Told of Acceptance

Posted on Thursday (November 18, 2010) at 3:00 am to Mortgages & Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown
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Max Robins illustrates problems with HAMP Mortgage ProgramWritten by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Over the past several months I have written several articles in which I addressed how HAMP, the Homes Affordable Mortgage Program, has utterly failed to live up to its expectations.  (For my most recent post, see:  Problems with HAMP — Too Many to Count? ).
I regularly receive comments from my blog readers across the country and wanted to share an e-mail which I just received from a very upset and frustrated homeowner in Hawaii who is seeking help in locating the appropriate agency to complain to about how his bank failed to accommodate him with his HAMP application.
The homeowner initially sent the following letter to someone at HAMP with no reply.  He also remarked that he unsuccessfully searched and searched online to find someone to make the complaint to.  He asked me to assist him in determining who can help him at this point.
What can be more upsetting than being told you’re disqualified from HAMP because you got laid off, then being told you were approved, and then being told again that you were disqualified.  Read on. . .
Actual HAMP Complaint Letter from One of My Blog Readers
Dear HAMP:
The reason for this email is simply this, why does the program only allow ONE chance to get on? Most of the people trying to get on this program are already underwater, already laid-off, already under heavy stress…can’t you allow at least two or three chances?
We applied for the HAMP program with our lender Carrington Mortgage Services and they told us that we needed to make 3 payments on time or else we will be disqualified for the program.
In this trial period I got laid-off of my job and my wife’s hours reduced. We tried selling things, even looked  into borrowing money but just couldn’t make the payment.
We were told that we were disqualified and that they (Carrington Mortgage Services) would be willing to help  us out if we can make 3 more payments of $2600 on time.
We made the three payments, then was later told they couldn’t help us and that the underwriters were not aware that we defaulted the first time.
A few weeks later we get a call from Carrington Mortgage, and now it’s a different representative named Michelle.
She tells us that she may be willing to help us out to get back on some kind of modification. Two days ago she calls and say we are APPROVED for the HAMP program!!
She then gives us the percentage rate, our new monthly etc., at this point my wife an I are moved to tears in joy…the very next day another person calls from Carrington notifying us that we were not approved and that Michelle wasn’t aware that we defaulted the first time. Now they will be foreclosing on our home.
Isn’t there something in this program that gives people in our situation another chance!!!? 
Not only have I been laid off, but our mortgage company mislead us twice into thinking we could get some kind of assistance!!!
Please help!!!
[name withheld]
What to Do If You’ve Been Unfairly Rejected for a HAMP Mortgage Modification and Who to Complain to
This is exactly what the above person needs to know.  I will cover this topic in a future blog article that I will post in the next day or two.
About the Photo — That’s my son, Max Robins, in one of my fine art photos.
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