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Pay a Buck — Get a Bankruptcy Judge

Give a buck and get a new bankruptcy judge [1]Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq.
Many of this country’s bankruptcy courts are severely overloaded and in dire need of additional judgships.
A pending bankruptcy bill entitled, “Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 2010” seeks to create 13 new permanent bankruptcy judgeships and convert 22 temporary bankruptcy judgeships to permanent ones.
However, the legislature needs to find money to fund the new judgeships.  Enter a new, but welcome filing fee increase.  For a number of years, the filing fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases have been $299 and the filing fees for Chapter 13 cases have been $274.
That has meant that many a client has either brought in messy-to-count single bills, or expected change — when change was usually not available.   It has also made the addition of legal fees and court filing fees a little bit more troublesome.
Now, according to the proposed H.R. 4506 Bill, these filing fees will increase by one buck, to the even sum of $275 and $300.  Chapter 11 fees will rise by $42.
This Bankruptcy Bill passed the house on March 12, 2010.  Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported favorably on it.
I have been opposed to every filing fee increase to date.  But this one I actually welcome.
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